Client Success Story 1 Financial Service Provider


Optimised Onboarding and Client Relationship Management

Problem: The Client, a Financial Service Provider was looking to establish a new process for its on-boarding and refresh process. This required the source folders of over 250 of its corporate customers to be re-arranged/reorganised within a month.

Solution: MWek Solutions provided 5 experienced RiskPod analysts to complete the reorganisation of over 250 client folders. The target was set for each analyst to complete 3 folders per day over 20 working days. With 1 QC quality checking every file and 1 Team Leader to manage the analysts stay on track.

Outcome: The MWek Solutions team was able to introduce a level of organisation and efficiency that benefitted the entire on-boarding department. Corporate clients were now in active communication leading to faster on-boarding times and better relationships as opposed to being forgotten/falling through the net/being left to stagnate for a few weeks.

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